Do I Need To Have Unified Branding?

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Published Sep 16, 2021, 10:55 AM
Approx. read time 2 mins

In a few of our previous posts, we've talked about the need to have your branding aligned across everything that you do. But why does a business need to have a unified brand across everything that they do?

Let's start off by defining what a unified brand is.

What is a unified brand?

Unified branding embraces the concept of putting one unified message out across all of a business' products and services.

This is a good thing to do because your consumers will always have a single experience with your business no matter where or how they have contact with you.

The benefits of a unified brand

The message you put out for your business should be a strong one that's not easily copied by your competitors. Having a unified brand is a cost-effective way of strengthening your message and defining your brand.

A unified branding message will make your products easily recognised by your customers, therefore creating awareness of your products and services.

Methods of creating a unified brand

There are a few different methods you can use to create your unique brand message. For example:

  • Have a consistent colour scheme across everything that you do
  • Have a consistent style of graphics that you use across your marketing
  • Use your logo consistently
  • Develop a slogan that connects with what you do, for example, "Helping you Be Seen, Be Found and Be Heard"

Seeing results

Unified branding can result in growth for your business. Once your brand has been established in the minds of your customers, they'll be more open to the idea of you introducing new, innovative products. These loyal customers will be more willing to try these new products if they have established trust with your brand.