Online Cloud Accounting Platform

QuickFile Cloud Accounting

The Scenario

QuickFile had built up its customer base through online advertising. But with the growth of the business, time and resources were needed elsewhere to push the business forward.

Their Pay Per Click marketing, a primary source of signups, was identified as one of the areas that could be put in the hands of someone more suitable and who could dedicate the time to bring it up to standard.

Online Cloud Accounting Platform
Online Cloud Accounting Platform

Project Scope

Although Pay Per Click was the main focus of our work with QuickFile, we have also assisted with design and print services for public exhibitions (most recent being AccountEx, London), content production, Analytic analysis, and email marketing.

Fantastic service. We use Roseblade to manage our Adwords [sic] campaign. Siân has done a great job so far and found numerous areas where we were able to increase our click throughs and reduce our total spend.

Glenn, Co-founder


Google Ads always comes with its own challenges, including being able to at least maintain the current flow of web traffic.

That aside, ensuring they were seeing the maximum number of people clicking on their ads, and, therefore, the maximum number of signups was something we needed to maintain at a minimum.

Nevertheless, we faced the challenge head-on and tackled the campaign.

The Result

  • The campaign was optimised and brought up-to-date with modern industry best-practice
  • The number of clicks on the Ads increased, resulting in a larger number of signups
  • The cost of the campaign was maintained and even decreased in areas, giving a better return on investment (ROI) than they were previously seeing
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