Understand your Audience & Improve your Marketing

It's much more than just numbers. It's important data you can use to understand how people use your website, and help improve your marketing.

Every website is a living, breathing thing that needs continued love and attention to help it stay alive and grow. This is where analytics can help. With tools like Google Analytics, you can identify trends, weak spots, and even improve your marketing efforts through re-marketing.

Offering a quality user experience will go a long way. After all, first impressions count. Analytics can help identify these weaknesses and present you with opportunities to improve, helping to provide a quality experience and, in-turn, capture quality leads.

How Roseblade Media Can Help You

E-Commerce Tracking

Identify pathways that your users are taking, from finding your site to checkout. With e-commerce tracking, you can track the value of sales and match them against goals too, to help you identify your strongest marketing campaigns and sources of sales.

Tag Management

Utilising tools such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), we can open up the door to a wealth of data from your website, helping track things from events to purchases.

It doesn't stop with Analytics either - Google Tag Manager can help link up other vital analytical tools, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Conversion Tracking

More often than not, your website is a sales tool, there to help you drive sales. It's great having traffic on your website, but if it's not converting to sales, what's going wrong?

Clear Reporting

There is so much data available in Google Analytics, it can be a bit overwhelming.

We promise to deliver the key statistics to you in a clear and easy-to-understand report, as part of our "no jargon" promise.

Need help making sense of your stats?