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About QuickFile

QuickFile is a provider of cloud accounting software for businesses of multiple sizes. With affordable pricing and useful features, it's popular with small and medium businesses.

A simple, yet effective piece of software to aid businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting, QuickFile often implements new features based on community demand.

Services Provided

  • Google AdWords
    Targetting small businesses and increasing their number of users is the backbone to their business. Ensuring the right people find their website is essential. We took over their AdWords campaign after it was managed in house for several years to help update existing ads, optimise them and adding new ones to ensure they are found for the correct search terms.
  • Email Marketing
    We have assisted QuickFile with various email campaigns to broadcast the news about new features or upcoming changes. From writing to producing and testing, we help QuickFile reach their user base with ease.

What our client says...

Roseblade have been an invaluable asset to our business. We have used their services extensively to develop our own online community and to also handle marketing communications for our 50k + subscribers.

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The Results

Within the first 3 months alone, we optimised their AdWords campaign and worked with them to increase their click through rate (CTR - that's the percentage of people who clicked the ad) and increased their conversion rate too (for example, the number of people who went on to sign up).

Competing with some big brands, ensuring their cost is well managed and their campaign is effective, is a small but important part of what we do.

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