Why Your Business Needs a Managed Marketing Service

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Published Jul 21, 2021, 11:06 AM
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Managed marketing can be one of the most cost effective ways of carrying out your marketing strategy.

It's no secret that marketing is difficult, especially if you're doing it on your own. You need to use the right tools to deliver the right message at the right time.

If you're part of a small business, this can be especially challenging, after all you're going to need to hire experts in specific marketing niches to get the job done.

This is where having a managed marketing service comes into play.

So what are the signs that I need managed marketing?

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Marketing is an afterthought

Your product is your baby, it's the area that gets all of your attention in your business. However, you can have the best product in the world and no one will know if you don't market it.

If you're part of a small team within your business, you simply might not have the time or energy to carry out marketing alongside all the other day-to-day business operations you have.

Managed marketing takes this stress away from you. All of your marketing is taken care of while you can continue focusing on delivering your products.

Marketing is expensive

Over the recent years, businesses are pouring much more money into their marketing efforts with the aim of being the best that there is at marketing.

If you're trying to be the best while using an internal team, you're going to have to pay the wage that comes with the expertise. In the UK, the average salary of a marketing professional is £34,400. Having a team of professionals on similar salaries is out of scope for many small businesses.

Poor marketing results

One of your marketing campaigns failed, so you're thinking of scrapping all of your marketing efforts.

Marketing efforts need to be adapted to the results of the ones that came before them, build on the strategy, creation and delivery until you've found just the right combination.

If you're trying to do this on your own, it's likely you're not monitoring the right things at the right time. It's also likely that your campaigns could need a full revamp after a few years, which could require an expert touch.

Lack of expertise and technology

This builds on some of the points we have already covered, when thinking about the team you have in place to carry out your marketing efforts, do you have someone who can do SEO, social media, copy writing, graphic design, and print production? There's a lot to marketing, and you need to have someone who can cover all the bases.

When you have experts in place who can do everything you want, you'll then need to give them the right software so that they can do their jobs. This professional software can come with a price tag and might even need specific equipment that it can run on.

If you don't have the right analytical software in place and the people who know how to use it in the right way, it's next to impossible to know whether your marketing efforts are working or not.

Your sales are stagnant

If your product is great and you're marketing it, but you're not seeing the sales you'd expected, it's likely that your strategy is ineffective.

You need to know how to connect with your customers and when the right time is to deliver the right message to them. This is something that we covered in our previous post: Am I reaching my audience at the right time?

So how can managed marketing help me?

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When you go with a company who provides a managed marketing service, you instantly have access to the professionals on their team.

The expertise that these professionals have is already covered in the cost of the services you take out.

Professional marketers also have the right tools in place to help them manage your campaign in the correct way for your business.

You might be thinking that this sounds as though it's going to be too expensive for you. But don't worry about that, professional marketers always work with your budget in mind. If you would like to discuss more about how managed marketing could work for your business, don't be afraid to reach out to us, we're always here to help.