What Are The 5 Best Ways To Market An Activity Centre Over Christmas?

Business Marketing

Published Oct 19, 2022, 10:41 AM
Approx. read time 3 mins

Christmas is just around the corner, and your Christmas marketing plans should be in the works by now. But if you're still unsure what you should be doing, don't fear; we've provided you with some ideas.

1. Put a Christmas spin on your activities

Who doesn't love chasing a Christmas pudding around an obstacle course? Or having a paintball Grinch hunt?

Whatever events you have planned this Christmas, put a spin on them to help get your guests in the festive spirit.

p.s. this doesn't just have to be for the kids; adults also get swept up in the season and the feeling of nostalgia. So try to find something that can cater to both, which could help you increase your bookings and footfall.

2. Season-specific offers and gift cards

Advent calendar

You might be able to offer a deal of the day promotion throughout December, which can be redeemed in the same way as an advent calendar.

Have your guests log onto the website, or open an email every day throughout December, to win a series of prizes or discount deals.

If you're unsure whether this would work for you, or your guests prefer consistency, you could look at a long-term promotion during the month, such as 15% off bookings for summer 2023.

If you're still not sold on this idea yet, why not bundle some of your experiences and sell them as packages, which can be purchased as a special deal throughout December and are redeemable for the next three months? These make the perfect gifts and are likely to be bought by both new and returning guests.

3. Set up a festive photo booth

Once your guests have finished their experience, they want to have something to remember it by. What better way of doing this than having a festive photo booth or cut-out stand?

It's festive, it's fun, and it's something they can take away and show their friends and family, which could lead to more bookings in the future.

You can even run competitions; if your guests upload their photos to social media and tag you in it, they could be in for a chance of winning an experience to use later in the year. This can increase the chances of your business's social media being seen by a wide audience who may not already follow you.

4. Sweet emotion

Family led on a bed wearing Christmas hats

It's that time of year when most people are looking to spend time with their families. Play to this emotion.

Show them that they can make memories with the children this Christmas season, by booking one of your festive events. Or if you're closed over Christmas, sell gift cards that will make them go down in history later in the year when you are open again.

5. Make sure everything is on your website

These days it's rare that people don't do their Christmas shopping online. So you need to make sure all of your experience bundles, packages, offers, and more can be found online. Even better if your guests are able to purchase directly from your website.

You need to make sure the selling process is as easy as possible. If your process is too complex, it could lead to reduced sales.