Can Facebook help your business?

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Published Feb 3, 2021, 9:37 AM
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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, with over 2.74 billion users, making it the most used site on the internet, and making it a great platform for you to share your business.

Everybody who uses Facebook is a potential customer for your business. Facebook allows you to reach people from all around the world, meaning your customer base is huge on this platform!

Now we’ve covered the size and reach of it, what are the pros and cons of using Facebook to share your business?

Pros of Facebook

Facebook has many positives to make your business a success.

  • Brand Awareness Facebook’s users keep increasing, meaning your customer base is also expanding. When people are seeing your posts on Facebook, they begin to notice your brand and can start to trust you. This can mean you have more potential customers and an increase in sales.

  • Drive Website Traffic Advertising your website on your Facebook business page could drive the number of people viewing your website and products/services.

  • Feedback and Reviews Facebook enables you to have a two-way conversation with your customer. The messaging service allows you to have a direct conversation with a potential customer. Facebook also allows customers to leave feedback and reviews on your page, which is a great way of improving your business, bringing in more customers, and showing potential clients your customer service skills.

  • Monitor Content Facebook allows you to see what content is working. Which posts are people sharing more, liking, and commenting on. This helps you to improve on your content, and what works best for your business.

  • Lower Marketing Expenses Starting a business Facebook page costs nothing!! That’s correct…Nothing! This gives you a chance to see what works best, the products which sell more, and the interests of your potential customers. Why wouldn’t you try something that costs nothing and could potentially bring you loads of sales…be silly not to try!

  • Target Audiences Facebook has many people on its website, yet not all these people are going to like your page. Facebook helps you target the right people for your business. You can target people by their location, age, gender, and interests!

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Cons of Facebook

  • Time Advertising on Facebook requires time. Without putting in the time, you might not reach the number of people or gain more sales. Investing in someone for social media duties could be helpful for your business.

  • Skills Managing social media and writing the content may need someone who knows how to target the right clients and how to create engaging posts.

  • Negative Feedback Although negative feedback is a good thing as it allows you to build on what you have done and improve on your products/services. It is important to handle these comments well as potential customers will be able to see your customer service skills and your response may turn away any future clients.

Facebook is one of many social media platforms that could help drive your business to become successful. Why not try the platform for yourself, and see how it can change your business.

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