Silverstripe Web Development

What is Silverstripe?

Silverstripe is a Content Management System (also known as a "CMS"), which is exactly as it says on the tin - it's a system that allows you to manage your content.

One of the most common systems used on the web, which you've likely heard of, is WordPress.

Silverstripe is like WordPress in many ways -

  • It allows you to add and edit pages
  • You can upload and manage images
  • Create links between pages and different websites
  • Multiple users can manage the site

and so on.

But we chose Silverstripe as our go-to content management system due to its flexible codebase, to a friendly and clean interface used by our clients on their websites.

Silverstripe Logo

The feedback we hear about Silverstripe from our clients is always the same - it's simple, it's clear, and it makes their job easier.

Choosing a package such as Silverstripe isn't an easy task. But while the likes of WordPress are top of the list for many agencies, we like to be a bit different and in many cases, Silverstripe is the ideal choice for developing a new website for many reasons.

Interface example

Why do we use Silverstripe?


From multiple logins and roles, to audit trails and account-level permissions. Silverstripe allows you to customise who can do what to help keep your site secure.


Using the Silverstripe template engine, built-in caching, and intelligent database interaction, there's no hanging around waiting for the site to load.

File & Page Manager

Both the file and page manager are simple to navigate, with easy visibility of what's in draft form and what's live, and even rearrange pages by drag-and-drop.

Flexible Code

Ok, so this one is for us mainly. The code is flexible and allows a high degree of customisation, including adding functionality to suit your organisation's needs.

Let's talk Silverstripe for your next project