Stay Connected with Email Campaigns

Reach Out & Engage

Whether you're connecting with your existing clients, or a list of leads, email campaigns play a vital role in staying connected with your audience. Keep in touch with those who matter with email marketing.

Email marketing is a bit like a recipe - you need good ingredients to make it work, or you risk it not rising to the challenge when it's in cooking (err, sending). At the heart of an email, you need a strong idea to allow you to compile an attractive, working campaign for your business.

With a good looking and compatible campaign, mixed with a strong subject line, your stats should be strong.

We'll make your campaigns shine

Some agencies will happily build you an email campaign and send it to your email list, and call it job done.

That's not the way we work.


We build a complete campaign from scratch using a well known and tested framework. Email is tricky to make sure it works across all devices, but by using this framework, we can ensure it's compatible in the best way possible.

We test it

We run the email through some tests, from different email clients like GMail, Outlook and Yahoo (including mobile clients), as well as some code testing too.

You can see the finished article

We don't stop there, we'll send a proof of the finished campaign to ourselves and to you. We'll send you an example of the email campaign to test on your own devices and accounts before sending it.

Schedule for a suitable time

If you're happy with your proof, we will schedule the campaign to be sent at a time and date to suit you and your business, to hit the mailboxes at a stuiable time to increase the chances of a strong open and click through rate.


Once 7 days have passed, we'll generate a report on how your campaign performed, including click through rate and open rate so you can see how effective it's been.

Drip Campaigns

We can set up automated emails on a regular basis based on custom dates. Keep your audience interested with regular personalised offers on a regular basis with ease.

Want help to reach your audience?

We love digital marketing and helping clients succeed with their email campaigns. Ensuring email campaigns are successful is a key part of what we do, and using reliable tools and setup, including a highly reliable email server, we strive to achieve a high deliverability, open and click through rate for all our clients.