Design, Print Management, Marketing Consultancy

Hospice of the Valleys

The Scenario

The Hospice Of The Valleys is a charity offering both hospice care for cancer sufferers, and support for people and families who have been affected by a dementia diagnosis.

To help spread the word about the Hospice, it was agreed that we would partner with them and host joint networking events in the local area.

As well as physically spreading the word, they approached us because their print marketing was expensive, and they needed to source their materials cheaper, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic and reduction in income. By working with a number of printers throughout the UK, we were able to make this a reality for them.

We were also tasked with designing and printing a billboard, displayed in the local area, helping highlight the services they offer, as well as be in keeping with their branding.

Design, Print Management, Marketing Consultancy
Design, Print Management, Marketing Consultancy

Project Scope

We continually work with the Hospice to ensure our jointly-hosting networking events are not only suitable but also located within the area they operate in.

We also carry out ad-hoc print management on an ongoing basis, when requested and design their printed materials if they are unable to design them in-house.

To ensure they obtain the best return on their investment (ROI), we are also charged with ad-hoc consultancy services to ensure they are spending as little as possible for the maximum return. This ensures funds are spent on their core services to help those in need, within the local community.

Hospice of the Valleys Billboard


The main challenge when it comes to working with a charity is we needed to best return for the least amount of money.

But, at Roseblade Media, we continually scout the market for the best prices possible, and when it comes to printing, we don't just use one printer, but we use printers all over the UK, to ensure the best price is secured for all our clients.

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