Award Winner Photographer

Emz Powell Photography

The Scenario

Emz Powell is a local photographer who is looking to increase her online presence and gain more bookings for her work, especially as the world recovers following lockdowns and setbacks.

She focuses her work on people and products, with her main focus being weddings, cake-smashes, and physical products.

As part of her marketing, Emz Powell needed an updated website which could spotlight her photography and allow for client previews of the work she has completed for them in a secure manner.

Award Winner Photographer
Award Winner Photographer

Project Scope

After being asked to complete the website, we had to carry out research into what would be expected for a website that showcases photography.

Once this research had been completed we were able to:

  • Create a modern-looking website
  • Link the website with her Dropbox account, which can be used for client previews on the website with minimal intervention
  • Enable availability updates on the website for the various shoots taking place
  • Allow for bookings to be made on the website for standard shoots, such as Christmas shoots, where time slots need to be booked for specific days

As well as completing a website for Emz Powell, we have also carried out ad-hoc printing of materials such as pop-up banners and other materials.


Mathew and the team at Roseblade are incredibly friendly and understand what you want when working with them. The banner Roseblade Media designed turned out great!

Emma Powell


The main challenge when working with a photographer is the quality of the images that need to be displayed on the website.

Because they are such high quality, you need to make sure the site doesn't slow down too much when it's being used. To move past this issue, we made sure there was a robust link with Dropbox.

However, this came with its own set of challenges, including ensuring continual access was maintained, photos only being available in a lower-than-usual quality, and automatically applying a watermark on the images.

We won't bore you too much with the technicalities, though!

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