Easy-to-use Online Booking System

EGNI - Ninja Activity Centre

The Scenario

EGNI is a place where children can go to run, jump and play to burn their energy that's different from soft-play centres, but still just as fun. With unique obstacles that children can challenge themselves on.

The concept was developed to allow children who are too old to find soft-play engaging, but too young to be allowed to play unsupervised. Children can stay fit, while still having fun!

However, like many activity centres, EGNI was forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once they were allowed to re-open, it was discovered that not many people were finding them online, and their manual booking system was taking time out of their day. Their social media was also outdated and not promoting the centre in the correct places at a time that was suitable to reach the desired audience.

We had a talk with Roy, and it was decided that a new website and online booking system would help them, because not only could their audience find them online, but they could also book their places and pay for them without any manual intervention. We also took over their social media and brought it up to speed.

Easy-to-use Online Booking System
Easy-to-use Online Booking System

Project Scope

After our initial meeting with Roy, we agreed that their existing website needed an overhaul with an addition of a new, bespoke booking system. The website and the booking system were built alongside each other so the design was consistent and the process made sense in the context of the website.

During the project, we communicated closely with Roy so that we could fully understand the processes at EGNI and whether there were any hang-ups during their processes. This close communication allowed us to adapt the system to meet their needs and avoid any of the issues they were experiencing in the old system.

The main goals of the new website were:

  • Rebuild the site to include the Silverstripe content management system.
  • Make online booking possible
  • Email daily summaries to Roy, so he knows which sessions are taking place and how many children are booked.
  • Take payment for sessions online through Stripe payments.
Child running towards "The Wall" at EGNI, Tredegar
Flyer for EGNI, Tredegar

Roseblade were very professional whilst keeping the service personal. Good quality product delivered in a timely manner, would definitely recommend

Very helpful discussing what was required, their service was provided efficiently and to a good standard and quality, would recommend Roseblade Media

Roy, Owner


We're sure he wouldn't mind us saying this, but Roy is a technophobe, so anything we built had to be in its simplest form. We had to find the easiest solution for updating content and making sure the right session was open for bookings at the right time.

While being simple to use, it also had to have all the functionality promised, such as Stripe payments, email reminders for sessions, and the ability to block out sessions for parties.

Child jumping into a foam pit at EGNI, Tredegar
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