UTM Tag Generator

Each tag has its own purpose. While the value of each of them is flexible, there are some general rules to consider.

This should identify where the link was placed. For example, this could be a search engine, a newsletter, a social network.
Example: google

Use this tag to identify the medium the link appears in. For example, an email, a PPC campaign, or a social media post.
Example: email

This should be the name of your campaign or promotion. This could be "summer sale", "new shop" or similar.
Example: summer-sale

If your link will appear in a place where keywords will come into play (e.g. a search engine), use this for the keywords.
Example: google

Will your link appear in different places? Are you doing A/B testing? If so, use this to identify where it was clicked.
Example: top-logo
The web address to add UTM tags to
Where this will be used (e.g. newsletter)
The medium it's used in (e.g. email)
The name of your campaign (e.g. discount-sale)
Any specific paid keywords
Use to differentiate multiple ads on the same source