Bespoke Development for your Business

Tailor software to your business, not the other way around

There are many off the shelf software packages out there on the web, including an ever growing market in cloud apps. But not every business is the same - and we understand that.

Stop tailoring your business to the software. With years of experience in PHP, MySQL and other coding languages, we can help you develop a bespoke package for your business.

Why do we require bespoke software?

Imagine you've just found the perfect customer relationship management (CRM) package, and it does everything you need (and lots more that you don't need), but it's missing one vital feature. Typically you could adapt your business to not require this feature. But by having a bespoke package, not only is it designed to ensure it runs exactly as your business needs, it would be unique too. This could even give you a competitive advantage.

How much does it cost?

This varies widely depending on your own requirements. A small system for two users to enter and maintain data isn't going to cost as much as a stock system that fits together with an e-commerce platform.

It may seem that the more you want, the more expensive it can be. In fact, it's more often to be the more complex it is, the more work that's involved (and therefore cost too).

The really good news is, we're a friendly bunch and don't bite. Please don't hesitate to contact us and have a chat about your requirements and we'll prepare a proposal for your exact requirements. Actually, the kettle is already on!


QuickFile Development

We're proud to be QuickFile Affiliates who work closely with their team to help develop unique marketplace apps for our clients.

As a popular cloud accounting package, QuickFile presents the opportunity for new features and connections to other packages too and offer them to a wide audience of other businesses.

Need something just for your business?