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Reoli Ad on Facebook

About Reoli

Launching as a new way to help landlords manage their properties and tenancies, Reoli is a cloud based platform built with mobile in mind.

Targetting landlords specifically to promote the benefits of self managing their portfolio, we set up targetted ads on Facebook, and Google. As a Google Partner Agency, Reoli took advantage of our certified team members to ensure their ads were well optimised and hitting the right people.

Services Provided

  • Print Services
    We helped prepare and arrange the print of various marketing materials for events. Having been selected by Reoli as the best value (which was part of a criteria set by a local authority), Roseblade Media worked with Reoli to arrange a pop up banner, business cards, flyers and t-shirts all in time for their launch.
  • Google AdWords
    Ensuring the right audiences were seeing their ads was vital for Reoli. We used our knowledge and experience to help set up their AdWords account and target the ads towards the right people at the right time.
  • Email Marketing
    Keeping landlords and tenants up to date on system changes, including new features, can be a challenging job. Roseblade Media work closely with Reoli to ensure their emails are hitting inboxes at the right time and with the right message.

What our client says...

We've worked closely with Roseblade and have experienced a service that's second to none. Everything has been delivered on time and to a high standard without the big price tag - something that was ideal for us as a start up.

The Results

It's still early days for Reoli, but we're continually monitoring their account and will report on the results shortly.

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