Company Wizard

Company Wizard approached Roseblade Media with an exciting challenge - manage their Google Ads account, reduce their cost per click, and increase organic web traffic. Naturally, we accepted the challenge!

When our working relationship first started, we reviewed their existing campaigns with a fresh pair of eyes, identifying weak areas which were in effect, leaking money, by producing a high cost per click (CPC) but little or no conversions.

As a leading formation company, ensuring Company Wizard sat on the top of the search engine results page was key to their business, and a main driving force to their popularity.

Along with optimised Google Ads campaigns, we produce regular, relevant blog posts for businesses to continue giving Company Wizard a growing level of visitor numbers.

Services Provided

  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads PPC Optimisation
  • Google Ads PPC Management
  • Website Visitor Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
Company Wizard Google Ads Preview

Siân has done a great job so far and found numerous areas where we were able to increase our click throughs and reduce our total spend.

Glenn Drake
Founder, Company Wizard

The Results

Company Wizard is now benefitting from regular updated content, providing it's visitors with information on various aspects of running a business, while also providing a new avenue for web traffic.

As for their Ads campaigns, Company Wizard now benefits from more clicks to their website for a lower price. We certainly think that's a win! We continue to work with them to improve on this further and ensure long-term success with their campaigns.


New traffic to blog pages, Apr '19 - Mar '20

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