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How to Know Your Visitors - A Guide for Beginners

7 mins

Designing a website for how you want to see it is simple. Bright red and white may be your colour scheme, but is it user friendly? I doubt it is when put in to practise. The red begins to become painful…

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Domain Names

Your guide to a good URL

5 mins

The web is full of web pages battling for a spot in the limelight, but it’s tricky to ensure your web pages are seen. However, the good news is, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can try and use…

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How to Choose a Good Domain Name

4 mins

Well, there are no rules, however, there are guidelines on what makes a good, or bad, domain name. First, let's look at what a domain name is. A domain name is a way a device knows where your website…

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Why Printed Marketing is still relevant

3 mins

You may think that physical marketing is on it's way out and is of no good to anyone anymore. However, there are several reasons that printed materials are in fact still worth thinking about for any business…

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Local SEO: Boosting a Local Business

5 mins

We work with many businesses, some local, some not as local. But one thing that keeps cropping up is "how can I make sure my business' website is found?" The common answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).…

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Roseblade Media

Announcing: Our new website!

1 mins

It's been a while since we became Roseblade Media Ltd., so it was only fair that we had a new website to go with it. I'm proud to announce that our new website is live (hint: you're on it!), and we're…

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